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I am LaTalya Palmer

Single Mom of 4, LaTalya Palmer is here to serve! She has gone from generational welfare to 6 figures; from incest survivor who hated herself to an empowerment specialist helping Women Build their Confidence, IGNITE their Magic and Manifest their Dreams!

LaTalya is International Bestselling Author, Speaker, Founder of Phoenix Rising Success Coaching and Training, Certified Peak Performance and Law of Attraction Coach.

She was a teen mom that stopped attending college to raise her family; a generational welfare recipient that abruptly walked away from welfare at a young age vowing to find a better way; participated in a Welfare to Work program and learned how to break into and thrive in the workforce. She used her gifts and resources to become a Welfare to Work Trainer and Case Manager then a Family Development Trainer, training Front Line Human Service Workers, Directors, and Supervisors.

Shortly after moving from NY to the DC area she transitioned into and excelled in the procurement field without a degree. Finally hitting a promotional ceiling, while raising her children, she went back to college at the age of 40 and received her Bachelor’s Degree. During that time her mother transitioned but she knew her mother wanted to get her degree so she pressed on.

After experiencing divorce, transitioning into single parenthood, displacement and loss of her mom, she thought she had endured the worst. However, in October 2017, she was diagnosed with rare and highly aggressive breast cancer that had already invaded her skin, lymph nodes, and chest muscle. In a 1 year period, she endured the most toxic level chemo treatments, radiation, and four surgeries.

Despite it all, she is here today, thriving, sharing her story and inspiring others to Ignite and live a full life. During her fight with breast cancer she self-published her first book “IGNITE A Single Mother’s Guide to Success, Sensuality and Achieving Your Dreams”; was a Keynote Speaker for multiple events; won an “Unbreakable Spirit” award; led a “Beauty in the Battle” campaign during Breast Cancer Awareness Month; co-authored “Release the Debt-Inspirational Testaments of Strength and Purpose ” a women’s empowerment book which became an International and National Amazon Best Seller; and was featured in Impact the World; KISH; and The Unbreakable Women Leaders Magazines.

LaTalya lives with her children in Maryland and is committed to helping women IGNITE their passion and manifest their goals-NO MATTER WHAT!

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